Who is this chick?

Ghetto bifocals. Don’t laugh. They worked.

I’m a mixed-breed smart-ass writer and artist living with my two grown boomerang kids, a cat, two ferrets, my imaginary friends, and a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder I. I believe in the Harvard Comma, that America will eventually prevail over the United States, and that my kids will move out someday, leaving the cat behind.

I got my BS in Art at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, my PhD in English at Harvard University, and am terrified that through some untoward chain of events I may end up in school for something again. I write science fiction that I’m trying to slap into something publishable, and make visual art from time to time. I also sing in my church choir. It’s a top-notch choir, but I’m middle-notch. Luckily, I’m not very loud.

That said, what my household lives on is my *sob* disability. That’s right, pulling it down from the public trough, card o’ shame and all. Being disabled sucks, but I have hope that eventually I’ll wriggle my way free. (Hey, I’m very-slightly-employed again, and five years ago that looked laughable.) I’ve been homeless twice, which taught me that politics do, actually, matter.

Poor, honest, smart, and nifty.

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