One of the many cool things I learned in AA is the Gratitude Game. You make a list of ten things you’re grateful for–even if they’re kind of dumb. And then you make ten more.

One of the riffs running through my head permanently are a couple of lines from a pot song. I have no idea who did this, and I’m too lazy to message the person who introduced them to me. They go (sorta maybe): “I had a real good day; I didn’t throw up; I didn’t get run over by a bus.” So that’s usually on my list, at least in my imagination; particularly since I had hyperemesis with my daughter and am thus a bronze medalist in one, and have way too nearly experienced the other.

Anyway, I have to go to court tomorrow morning on the supposed eviction charge, and I was in an incredibly bad mood this evening, compounded by missing choir rehearsal due to insufficient planning and awareness of the blizzard. I needed to bitch, so here I was.

Now, I have a lot to be grateful for, especially regarding this whole stupidity:

1) I have a lawyer, pro bono from Greater Boston Legal Services.

2) I’m not anywhere near in danger of actual eviction, particularly as I’m moving soon anyway (for happifying and unrelated reasons of ghetto escapage).

3) I have a prescription for some mighty fine tranquilizers.

4) The courthouse is really pretty. I like skylights.

5) Did I mention that I’m not in any danger of actual eviction, at least partially because I’m able to dredge up the back rent?

6) And here I’m starting to stall when regarding the court thing. But . . .nobody I love is sick or dead, including cat and weasels; I don’t have to clear off my car tomorrow morning because I don’t have one; I have enough food and clothes and heat and a bathtub and not one but TWO comfy couches and electricity and Internet–all of which I’ve lacked at some time in my life.

7) And nobody is mean to me, aided chiefly by my being divorced.

8) [which previewing shows is apparently what netspeak turns Number Eight into; I’m also too lazy to go into HTML and re-list this] I was able to replace my laptop before it got really really scary sick on me as did its predecessor.

9) I have a new game for my DS.

10)AND . . .

. . . there is the miracle of the free associative experience that is the Internet, at least for anybody with a shred of curiosity.

I Googled that quotation above, looking vainly for its author, and discovered it on a lyrics site, but without any lyrics. It attributed it to a Robbie Fulks. Well, off I went. I quickly realized that this wouldn’t be the song I was looking for, unless perhaps he was precocious; I’ll get around to getting more info from the above-mentioned friend; more as this develops.

But anyway, I browsed around Mr. Fulks’ site, if only for my being immediately taken with his prose style. I listened to some of his music, and now I am grateful for Mr. Fulks.

I have always had a sneaking delight in some country music, although completely on the downlow for a couple of reasons. For one, black folks/country has the same general popular connection as kitchen plunger/iPhone, and before I discovered people like the toothsome Darius Rucker (formerly lead of Hootie and the Blowfish), I would feel as though somebody would break into my house and plant one of those Confederate flags you see on some pickup trucks. For another, my being above That Line (which, by the way, is in Maryland, for those of you who thought it was in Georgia or something), it is SO unkewl.

That said, the delight is there, and Mr. Fulks is quite good at it. He is funny and talented, and he really sings, meaning he MEANS it: structure, as opposed to surface. (Urge to link that to Beyoncé suppressed. She’s quite good at what she is, even if I did have to surf up the HTML for her fricking e grave.) So not only am I grateful for Robbie Fulks, I am grateful for the other fine artists I browsed into tonight.

11) (Ha! You forgot this was a list!) I am also grateful for the stuff in my head that trots me along these random passageways in what is only the beginning of most likely the coolest toy in history. Who knows? Maybe someday somebody will chance upon this very post by the same process of random curious enjoyment.

12) And I’m grateful that I don’t have to be in court until 9:30, ‘coz it’s late, and I really need to go to bed now. Wish me luck.