El escritorio del Dr. Evil

Halloween. Costumes. Hmm. Who will you be? (Having no plans, I'm planning on The Curmudgeon Pretending She's Not Home to Trick-or-Treaters, myself.)

A perhaps shameful cowardice, compared to the guy on the T last year who was Dr. Evil. It was flawless-and somewhere he had gotten a doll (or maybe a dummy?) for Mini Me. Other costumed people on the train were equally impressed. He was pretty much giving interviews about how he'd put it together.

A meta-costume thought: If you think about it, Dr. Evil can pretty much be just a skin cap and a gray suit. (Unless you're my ex-husband. Kidding! Just kidding! [Mostly.]) But presentation is everything. This man had worked very hard, and in a small way achieved greatness. I couldn't stop grinning.

And when you think about that wildfire happy spreading to everybody who saw him that night, who's to say that it was in a small way at all?

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