I don’t recall how up-to-date the Gentle Readers are on the book adventure, but here’s the short form:

I finished the transcription–and found that the entire terrifying wordcount was *drumroll* 330,000. In other words, Moby Dick and a half, or a third of Clarissa. (Which I have in fact read in its original entirety and enjoyed, I’ll have you know.)

That’s one whole hell of a lot. I knew it was long, but . . .

I’d been thinking for a while that it needed to be split into two books, but even so, it would be too damn long. (When you’re soothed by knowing it isn’t as long as Clarissa, that’s not a good sign.) So I went for three books instead, and have three which are longish but not outrageously so. And I’ve been snipping as I go. At this point, I’m thinking that a couple of chapters here and there can just vanish. But maybe not. I’m conflicted.

I find myself feeling guilty about potentially taking more of the reader’s time than will be found worthwhile. On the other hand, science fiction and fantasy can run you into some long-ass books. So for now I’m more or less leaving it alone. I once had a Russian cabdriver who was a musician, and we talked a bit about art. He said, “Leave it alone. It will never be perfect; you have to just let it be what it is, and move on.” It’s not as if it’s the only book I have within me.

For a number of reasons, I’ve decided to stop waiting for fame and publishers to find me, and to self-publish. So here it is! The next step is to  have it turned into an e-reader format and put up on Kindle. Pandamian plans to be offering that functionality soon, but for now, I have some really neat-o web fiction there for you, and it’s free!

Go read it! Now!!

As of yet, there isn’t a comment function on the site, so if you have any, please just come back here and tell me what you think.