I had a tooth come apart during dinner. I’m looking at my usual hellweek, but I’ll call BU’s Dental School first thing in the morning. Feh. A dentist once told me that the tongue has a mind of its own, and it’s an inquisitive toddler, forever getting in the way of what they’re trying to do, or exploring anything new in the mouth’s landscape. I want to plug mine into some cartoons or something. Grr.

Meanwhile, I have the kind of tired that means I’m fighting something off, so this will be brief–a looky-looky of what’s been happening to the house:

I'm impressed this many shingles stayed on, actually.

I’m impressed this many shingles stayed on, actually.

The shingles I ordered aren’t as good quality–the old ones were like sawed-off tongue depressors (are we working on a theme here?) and these are much thinner, with many of them being defective. Hope I have enough. But they do the job:



I’m going to be painting them, going for a slate effect, so the color difference shouldn’t be a major deal.

Meanwhile, by means of a small miracle, I took the right measurements and managed to hack off a proper piece of foamcore for the main roof, which I attached with duct tape. (It has to hinge for the attic, and I don’t have the proper wee little drill and itty bitty hardware.)

And we're well on our way to middle-class pretensions!

And we’re well on our way to middle-class pretensions!

The instructions that came with the shingles said to hotglue them. I’m not sure we have hotglue. I’m not sure we don’t have hotglue, so I don’t want to go out and buy a whole new set-up. Besides, I am a su-u-per g-ee-n-yus at burning myself with it. So we’re going with Elmer’s. Works fine, except that it sort of rucks up as it dries, so each row has to be really, completely, I-mean-it dry before adding another, which means it takes forever.



It lies back down when it’s dry. I think I’ll lie back down too. But wait till you see the painting!