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Am I the Lamest Blogger Evah, or what?

The dollhouse project stalled, and might be stalled for a while. It will be Shiny again, and in the meantime, the ferrets are in serious love with the thing. All the furniture and the inhabitants (um, the intended inhabitants) are in the attic out of reach; meanwhile, Meeze (5 months old) is making a soda straw collection in the living room. Shoulda been there when he tried to go in through the door with it held dogbone style. . .

In terms of technology, I have gone one step forward, and one step back: Got a Kindle this Christmas and am much in love with it, but I gave up on my phone’s calendar because it wouldn’t upload to Google, so what’s the sheeping point? Returned to the paper version (Harvard seal on the cover, natch) and am much happier, even than when the old phone uploaded. That was neat, but I’m a note scribbler and a page marker. It occurs to me that if I read the same way, the Kindle might be annoying–but I don’t.

Rewrote the opening of Max and he is now in the paws of my beta team. I will just take tranquilizers or something (not kidding) and get back on the agent trail.

Failed to “win” NaNoWriMo this year (thanks for a last-minute migraine, grr), so now have *two* unfinished stories languishing on my desktop. Am planning to *sob* join a writer’s group, if I can find one. The very thought of mixing “talk to strangers” and “writing” makes my tummy knot.

I am going to Arisia this weekend, which makes the first sf con I’ve gone to for over 15 years. I will probably do what I’ve done at other sorts of cons, namely watch costumes and find some gaming, but again, there may be a writer’s group . . .

Kidney stones have been baa-lambs all year; we’ll see what the CT showed when I see my crew in a couple of weeks. Arthritis still evil, but I had a lot of little pieces of surgery done on my right foot/leg over the holidays which promises to increase my mobility. It bettah–while recuperating from this I’ve put on nearly ten pounds and am wearing classy sweat pants to work.

And that’s where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. I hope the writer’s group will help me figure out why I don’t blog more. So how’s by you?