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A number of my followers and friends have read Long Leggedy Beasties, either when it was posted here or by my giving out beta and review copies. And the first two and a half chapters are available on Amazon. Here’s the deal: I hope you liked what you saw–writing for me is at least partially in blood and sweat, and now I’m going to offer to do a little bit just for you . . . but you have to do a little bit for me first:

Below is a link to my book page, which will take you to Amazon. (Or you can just go to your Amazon account and search for me (Idony Lisle) or the book.) The first twenty-five reviewers will get either a limerick or a haiku, written just for you. (You can pick which and suggest themes, but cut me a little slack.) Just slip me a quick comment here after you write your review.

Why that number? Because that’s when Amazon starts including the book in “You Might Like” lists and “also bought.” Means a lot.

Oh yeah, the book is only $2.99. Support the up-and-coming author! (You can buy it on any of the other venues, but please review on Amazon.)