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Friday afternoon: That’s the most important piece of info. Vaccines are all very well, but the biggest tool in humanity’s cupboard has always been cooperation, which we’re running low on, it seems. That said, I got Shot #2 (Moderna) this morning.

And . . . I feel weird. Not physically (yet), but it’s in that bailiwick: I am dreading the vaunted occasional side-effects. Not because I’m a wuss about discomfort (I had food poisoning yesterday morning, as a matter of fact) but because I hate the unknown and having something hanging over my head. This shot has been hanging over my head for a solid month now, and I’m glad at least that part is done and over with.

But part of the weird is that I feel like a small part of History now: I have joined the Herd.

For those who are wondering: No, the injection itself doesn’t hurt, but then my nurse mentioned she more usually works with neonatals, so YMMV. And I got vaccinated a stage “ahead” of my particular class because I work in health care. And, no, nobody gets to pick Pfizer vs. Moderna.

Saturday morning: I feel a little more tired than usual, but if I hadn’t had the shot yesterday, I’d put it down to the fibro. Tempest in a teapot. Not even sleepy, but then I don’t do sleepy unless it’s past my bedtime.

Now that all my co-workers are vaccinated, we’re hoping we can open up our RLC as soon as Baker gives the OK. (We are in a building run by the Department of Mental Health.)

Bottom line: Go get the damned shots, as soon as you can. I’m tired of not schmoozing in restaurants, not going to the movies, and other such human-animal filled niceties. We can beat this, Homo sapiens. We just have to work together from a distance.