Well, the flashdrive was actually on my bedside table. Oh well. Meanwhile back at the ranch, yr obedient servant survived the rain and the various goings on of the day, and the next day, only to end up on this day, where absolutely nothing has been done, at least by me. Except go to Walgreens, where I got eggs, aspirin, and a pack of highlighters.

I have emerged from this to find that my little virtual pets all ran away from starvation, and my crops have undoubtedly withered.  I’m (understandably, I think) mildly depressed.

Thus, the usual free associative random Web crawl unearthed a couple of ye old and ye good, posted in the links section for your similar amusement. I’m still kind of bummed, but maybe I’ll actually do something constructive. Or at least get more virtual pets.

(Neopets don’t run away. They just perpetually die. Which, come to think of it, is really horrible.)