Part of what made yesterday so particularly sucky is that I was having a bout of Mysterious Pain.

For years now, I’ve had these recurring episodes of nasty gnawing pain in the lower left quadrant of my belly. It’s this dull pervasive burning thing that fits right between “being able to function normally,” and “Barbie and Skipper Go To the ER.” When I was diagnosed with kidney stones, it became apparent that much of this was a low-grade renal colic, caused by something smallish trying to escape. That said, there have been a time or two when I’ve gone in and a film says there’s nothing there. So I dunno.

It’s mostly better today. Sometimes they can last for a week. 😦 I need to have a determined come-to-Jesus with my PCP about acute pain meds. He thought it would be a good idea to put me on maintenance morphine instead if I really wanted it. Hulk smash.