I lose things. I have no real idea where my wallet is right now, other than “somewhere in the house.” A recent high point was when I was concentrating on an announcement I had to make at church one Sunday morning. I got on the train, still thinking about it–and left my purse on the bench at the platform.

Due to the miracle of it being early Sunday morning, and thus a low traffic period, it was found by a substantially honest person, who turned it in to the transit guys, who gave it to the next conductor, who brought to where I was quite anxiously waiting at my destination.

I say substantially honest, because nothing was missing–except my transit pass. It was only a few days until the end of the month anyway; as I reapplied the next day I thought it was rather a shame that Substantially Honest would miss out on the finder’s tip.

Anyway, right now I can’t find my wallet. Which was very likely disappeared by my evil executive function, which took it to a neurological creek and applied cement overshoes.  I lost it while looking for my grad school ring, which was the first item to disappear this morning. (It had fallen off the shelf where I absent-mindedly placed it as a (wait for it!) mnemonic. The ring thus made a serious saving throw against being used as a pet toy.) My ring is one of my most favoritest possessions, so I kind of freaked out and did the burrowing about thing. Thus, undoubtedly burying the wallet.

I am almost completely positive my wallet didn’t fall out of something or other between my house and the bus stop where I noticed its absence. Almost.

At this point, I have taken my happy-calm-down pill, looked everywhere likely, and some unlikely. ADHD means looking inside the tea box,  just because it was beside the Important Things drawer which is my last clear snapshot of the wallet’s existence. (My class ring wasn’t there.) I have also cancelled the appointment I was trying to get to before a) losing the ring in the first place and b) losing the pass/carfare to get me there.

This is me, taking out the trash and then having lunch. I am sure better blood sugar can only aid in the search.