The nice thing about the Plinky prompts is that they’re at the very least a workout to keep muscles limber–and it really does nudge me further along the path of what I actually more or less planned to write about. Although it still is tumbling on the dryer, pretty much. I’m sort of on Damascus’ heels, but now that Terry’s narrative is going to go back to being more than just a frame for the Damascus backstory, I must check in with my 6’7″ pain in the ass and see where he’s at. I realize that I’m ducking Terry. I strongly suspect that’s because he has Something To Say to me.

I’m a tad less depressed today. At least, I think I am, considering that today I found out that my therapy time is going to be cut to a standard hour at the end of the summer, because I’m getting transferred to a staff person when my fellow leaves.  So I was bummed. Change, grr. It doesn’t help that the prescriber I picked because she actually laughed at my jokes is also leaving. I feel therapeutically Unloved.

On the other hand, I was wearing my 360 achievement shirt “Left the House,” and so this nice fanboy and fangirl started talking to me at the bus stop. “Ooh, story!” she caroled, when she saw the manuscript in my paw. I felt simultaneously shy and gratified. Well, yes, it is a story. It most certainly is.