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My son talked me into NaNoWriMo, which, if you haven’t heard of it, is this psychopathic idea of writing a (short–50k) novel in one month. Max Draconum (my current effort) is lagging, so maybe this will pep me up.

Sorry not to have dragged out and re-written more Damascus; I need to go into Dark Crimson Corners (the trilogy) and chop the protagonist’s autobiography out first. Also, my beta-reader has almost convinced me to re-write Max‘s ending. I’m putting it all in the dryer while I pound out Eureka this month.

I’ll be posting the chapters here–I’m averaging one short one a day so far, but there will be three at once to start with–and if I actually finish it, will probably wrap it up in my epub software and stick it up on Amazon just for funsies.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I also have a bit of blogging catchup, so stay tuned!