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Glad some of you are enjoying Eureka! I am, more than I expected to. Anybody got any plot requests?

The NaNoWriMo schtick of churning it out continually against a ticking clock is proving to be more effective than I would have thought. I’m behind, but I’m away on what I like to think of as a writing retreat, so I should catch up. Gonna win this thing!

“Win,” for those who don’t know, just means that I’ll get my 50k done by November 30. There are various little prizes–mainly discounts on writing software and self-publishing packages. Since I’m happy enough with good ol’ Pages and intend to self-publish with Calibre, these don’t hold a lot of temptation–but I am once again getting a strange pleasure from doing the thing itself. And that’s never a bad thing.

What’s been invaluable about this project is that it’s distracted me from a horrible piece of life stress: we may be moving this coming weekend. Or we may not be. It all depends on whether or not the person holding our Section 8 lives in her hands decides to draw up our lease next week. My son is living on the couch, and has been doing so since his arrival in June, so we’re all trying not to go mad. This is the 5th month in a row where we’ve been all geared up to move. Wish us luck–I have become so pessimistic that I am envisioning my son sleeping right under the Christmas tree as a possible good thing–guarding it from the kitten and all. Ah, First Christmases . . .

My center will be closed for the holiday week (and again for Christmas/New Year’s) but this will give me time to catch up as the new webmaster/print media person. (Always learn HTML; always put it on your resume. Trust me.) So between that, packing, and Eureka, it’s as well that I’ve fled to New Hampshire for the weekend, staying with a writer friend and her hot tub.

Yeah, you. You know you’re jealous.