Well, Eureka’s been done for a year now. What I mean is, it’s all posted and everything. Now I have incentive to finish this year’s WriMo and similarly post it. (I was some 2000 words short, felled on November 30 by a not-kidding migraine. Oh, the humanity!)

My foot surgery and gastrocnemius release are healing well, but during the two-week flat-on-back period, my IT bands tightened to an unbelievable degree, making walking a chore and standing a low-rent form of agony. Today was my first day back to the wimpy little half-mile hill hike to work and I have taken pain meds and am holed up in my office taking a rare lunch hour so I don’t have to move.

Tonight is the State of the Union address. I wish I cared enough to watch, but now that Congress is going after the disabled people (cutting SSDI) and a conservative Supreme Court is going to rule on gay marriage, I’ve had all the government-induced depression and despair I can take. This is me, writing escapist fluff and living one day at a time.