Here I am, spending a weekend in the boonies of New Hampshire (or is that redundant?) with my friend and writing buddy, Sunny, who has a house here, complete with friendly cats and a hot tub. As usual, I’m up early and am sitting here at my trusty old laptop (now only used for such excursions) yawning, shivering, and wondering whether I shouldn’t go back upstairs and get fully dressed. Maybe leaving my jammies on underneath as long johns.

There’s something to be said for not knowing how to work the tea kettle–it means the only distraction I have from the shivering, etc., is working. I joined AgentQuery yesterday, and almost immediately some very kind souls reassured me that my query letter (that elevator pitch I have to send to agents) is pretty much okay. I made some tweaks as they advised and am now ready to send more out. I know it’s the weekend, but they’ll work their way down through their email pile eventually, right?

Perhaps the best part of the weekend is that I have no bars, bwah hah ha! The kids have Sunny’s number in case of emergency, but this way Work is limited to email–and because I’m just on the laptop, without such niceties as Photoshop, I’m limited in my response.

Maybe I’ll go crawl back into bed to warm up. Just for a little while.