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Does there always have to be a trilogy? Did you know that people became addicted to them before sf/fantasy? In the 19th century, books were expected to come out in three volumes to be somebody.

Max Draconum is finally done, after at least two and a half years of being poked at on and off. Now I need to go tackle my Wri-Mo from last year, although right now I sort of feel as if I could never write anything ever again. But Guardian isn’t a Max book, per se, although he is a supporting character, and it takes place between-ish these two stories (Sober as a Sorcerer and Max Draconum). My son thinks there’s still plenty of Max story in there, but I’m a little tired of him at the moment (though this can change).

Think the ever elusive agents will nibble more at two books done than at one? (I’ll just be mentioning that the sequel is complete in my query letter.)