I just learned something. Small, but with implications. (Doncha hate those?) What with the weather and all, I’m starting a migraine, so went to take my meds like a smart girl. The med (sumatriptan, for the curious) comes in those blister packs where you peel off the back to get your pill.

As I sat down, I happened to notice that on the back it said, “Bend and Peel.” I’ve always taken this instruction to be for people too stupid to realize they had to peel the back off. I would then fiddle a small bit with the end in order to get a corner up to peel. In other words, I wasn’t bending. Why bend? What’s the point?

It’s a boring day; I gave it a shot.

Well, oh my children, if you bend, the two edges spring apart as if by magick, making peeling a breeze. No more fiddling and wishing one had fingernails: RTFM, stupid.

This made me wonder about my non-manual reading life, in which I have ignored advice ranging from Scripture in my own faith, to Scripture in other faiths, to the instructions of medical personnel. Not always, but often enough. I wonder what else I’ve been missing; perhaps I should give it a bend and find out.